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Appointment Information

Arrive Early

Please try to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. For new patients, please arrive 30 minutes prior to fill out paperwork for your visit.

Wellness Checks

For well child exams, remember to bring in your vaccine record!

Acute Illness

If you are acutely ill, we offer same day appointments and will make every effort to see you the same day or next day.

Team Work

Our provider and Advanced Practice Providers work in teams. If your physician is not available, their Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner may see you for your acute needs.

Types of Visits

Sick Visits

Sick Visits are designed to address only one problem. We may ask you to make an additional appointment if you have multiple health concerns, we cannot cover in one visit.

Physical Exams

A Complete Annual Physical Examination will focus on your overall health including: metabolic, hormonal, and cancer screening, as well as review of your immunization status.

Well Child Exams

Well Child Exams includes a complete physical exam, including checking the child’s growth and development. Remember to bring in your vaccine record.

Acute Visits

For an acute visit, usually for a medical complaint or acute illness follow up, in general, you can expect us to cover your main concern at your visit. Only if time allows, we may also be able to cover one additional complaint. All of your concerns are important to us and if there are other concerns you would like covered, we will likely make an additional appointment to address those needs.