Karim Mansour, MD

  • Schooling:
    • Medical School: Albany Medical College
    • Internship: Loma Linda University
    • Residency: Loma Linda University
  • Notable Training:
    • Internal medicine (Board Certified)
    • Pediatrics (Board Certified)
  • What made you want to become a MD?. Problem solving is my passion.  This profession lets me look at problems and see if I can suggest a solution to it.  As I get older, I see that the same problem does not affect different people the same way.  Life is a set of compromises and give and take.
  • Fun Facts:
    I have patents on medical instrument and on everyday items.
    I worked on Wall Street one summer.
    I can still beat my grown sons in ping pong
    I can make a fruit tree give multiple variety fruits on the same tree.