Patient Information

Please look over the information provided below.

If you have questions about anything, please feel free to call our office for assistance.


Late to Your Appointment
In an effort to serve our patients in the most timely and efficient manner possible, we expect that our patients will arrive no more than 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment time.

We understand that there are circumstances that can arise which may hinder your ability to get to your appointment on time. However, we are trying to make sure that everyone is seen at their scheduled time. We will still make every attempt to see you, but you may need to be seen by another available provider or be rescheduled.

Emergency Care
In a true emergency it is best to go to the nearest hospital. Please call the office the following morning to inform us so that records can be requested.
Form Fees

Simple forms such as day care clearance forms, school letters, and work clearance forms will be completed at no charge and we will try to return them within 48 hours. More comprehensive, time intensive forms will require 7-10 business days for completion and pricing examples are as followed:​

  • DMV Placard Form – $15
  • FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) – $15
  • EDD (Medical Disability) – $40
  • Jury Duty / Letters of any length – $15
  • Driving Physical / Peace Corps – $40
  • INS Physical – $40
  • Tricare Transfer Exception – $40
After Hours

After-hours phone calls are routed to an answering service where you can relay a brief message for a call back the following day or, if your needs are urgent, the physician on call can be paged. This physician may not be familiar with your medical history so be prepared to give him/her a concise update including any medications you are taking. Please have your pharmacy name and phone number available if needed. These steps will make it easier for you and our staff who are involved with your care.

Due to our high volume of patients, we are unable to accomodate walk-ins; however, we usually can accommodate same-day appointments.

Please call ahead for an appointment so that we can do our best to meet your health needs. We have at least four same day appointments per provider team so that we make ourselves available for our patients.

At SDIMA we have a strong commitment to ensure our patients care is fully coordinated. Because each insurance is different, we strive to coordinate care that is alignment with the insurance requirements and protocols.

If your condition and/or treatment requires any specialty care, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist. HMO referrals will be directed to a contracted provider within the Sharp Community Medical Group Network.

Referrals are reviewed with Sharp Community biweekly and can take up to 7 business days to process, and up to 5 business days for urgent requests. United Healthcare Military and Veterans referrals can often take up to one-two weeks to process.

Cancellations & No Shows
If for any reason your are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please call to cancel at least 24 hours (one business day) in advance. This allows us to schedule a patient needing more urgent attention in your place.

Appointments that fail to have at least one business day (24 hours) advance notice for cancellation are subject to a $25.00 no-show fee.

Prescription Refills
Watch your medicine supply closely and take care of refills a WEEK BEFORE you completely run out. Call your pharmacy first and they will fax the our office. We ask that refills be taken care of during office hours & before noon on Friday. Please check medicine supplies a week before you leave on a trip. We usually process every refill request before we leave for the day. We process approximately 50 refills a day so please help us by keeping up with your prescriptions.

​All patients needing prescription refills must be seen at a minimum on a yearly basis. If the patient has not been seen recently, we may refill you prescription for a short time and ask to see you to assess your current medical condition.​

Narcotics, pain medications and triplicate prescriptions will NOT be refilled on the weekends and/or when our office is closed. Your medical records are necessary for this request.

Lab Draws and Test Results
We do have a Sharp lab phlebotomy draw station in our clinic. For pre-clinic labs or walk-in labs, we ask that you come in between 8 am-9 am as this is a dedicated time for phlebotomy before most scheduled patients arrive. Routine labs can be drawn after your scheduled visit as well. Remember to fast for at least 6 hours if you are getting a cholesterol panel done. Blood tests can also be done at any of the Sharp lab draw stations; (see

Results from routine lab tests may take 1-2 days and specialty send out labs can take up to a week to get results.​

Below is a list of average times for various other procedures:

Routine Lab Test: 1-2 days
X-ray: 1 day
MRI scans: 3 days
Pap smear, Mammogram, Biopsy: 7-14 days
Stress Tests: 7 days​

All tests results done at a Sharp Facility or at another Sharp Specialist’s office will be automatically compiled in your electronic medical record. Your lab results can be obtained in your electronic health record on the follow my health website. We can also notify you via phone or regular mail with test results or send you copies of your lab results; please discuss with your provider which mehod is most convenient for you.

Radiology studies are performed either at San Diego Imaging ( or at the Sharp Outpatient Pavilion. MRI Scans are usually performed at Sharp & Children’s MRI Center attached to Sharp Memorial Hospital, or Imaging Healthcare Specialists if you need an open air MRI. Please make sure to specify if you need an open air MRI in order to prevent delays with authorizations. ​